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We help top-quality employers find driven, successful, and interesting employees who thrive in competitive marketplaces.

Why Proximo?


Because Proximo is owned and operated by former professional athletes, we are well-connected, trusted, and respected within the exclusive professional athlete network.  Put simply, we have access to an incredible selection of candidates that is hard to find elsewhere.


We understand that each hiring need is unique and believe that establishing trust between your organization and ours is important to long-term success. We plan and price based on your individual hiring needs.


Generally, the professional athlete population is more culturally and socio-economically diverse than the general American population. Accordingly, our candidates can add new perspectives and ideas to your organization.

Connect with us to fill your employment needs.



Most professional athletes in America have college degrees and seek another challenging, meaningful career after retiring from their sport. 

Athletes who have competed at the pinnacle of their sport are tenacious, committed individuals who understand the sacrifices needed to succeed in a competitive industry. 


These skills translate beyond the court/field and into the workplace, as our success stories demonstrate.


Contract ROLES.

Many current professionals seek part-time work to gain valuable experience and ensure a smooth exit out of their sport and into the workforce upon retirement. 

It is common for athletes who are competing to be employed part-time by an organization and then transition into a full-time role with the same organization upon retirement from the sport.  This part-time role gives the employer and the athlete an opportunity to evaluate a long-term fit. 

Further, many professional athletes actively seek ways to supplement their income.  Remote, part-time and contract roles are particularly attractive to current professionals who may spend time traveling for competition. 

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